Friday, December 18, 2009 BAD MONITOR

Mon hyip is a bad monitor, it only copies what you also see on another website, Professional you call that they do not check anything at all, admin is a boy of 16 years old and has an attitude, he does not know what he is doing as he harms other pages pure a SCAM monitor stay away from it it's not reliable monitor at all

you can email the admin here

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

just something worth to read about STP

just something worth to read about STP


please stay away from


they are simply a scam and they will always be i lost with them over $10,000 it was a member for over 2 years always send and received funds until the day i wanted to withdrawal, they first accused me of running an autosurf website what i do not have than they where going to investigate and promise me to give the results with all details that has been retrieved from the members where i received funds from, never received any details on this after asking it maybe 10 times if it is not more the so called 'STELLA' (owner) is a real mean bitch that has impulsive liar if you ask me, the funny thing was she started to try to interfere in my way of doing business over the internet, asked me for many papers that i all provided but of course i already knew after that it will be another excuse...and yes it was but that took 3 days and 5 emails unanswered they asked me in the first place why i wanted to withdrawal...answer: because are my funds. than i got the answer you can not withdrawal everything there must always be an amount in your account (???) secondi need the trust card ( while i never withdrawaled before and asked a few months earlier or i could withdrawal by bank transfer i received the answer "of course you can even if you don't have a trust card you are able to make 3 bank wire withdrawals" i asked it to 2 support bitches all the same answer. after short time of course i get pissed we are talking here about my money not? i was pissed and waiting, no answer when i received an answer they only got the usual lies of them, with still no proof or results of there so called 'investigation'

the funny thing was i was suspicious because i lived before in the Netherlands than imigrated to somewhere else and again somewhere else (??? wow suspisious is that not???) they suspended my account because i called her a BITCH (WHAT SHE CERTAINLY IS) and was stating they will proceed to bank wire my funds, until now still not received and we are talking here about 2 months if i will recieve it i will update here...but don't count on it. i have report them and will report this message everywhere.

STELLA if you read this i'am sorry but you are a REAL BITCH

SOLID SCAM PAY watch out